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Back sleeping on the Lull mattress feels really fantastic; my hips sink in the right amount, and the mattress holds up my larger body. At the same time, the top memory foam layer provides some contouring and also presses up into my lumbar area and supports me there.

Lull Mattress Review – Great For Back Sleepers?
When most people think of memory foam mattresses, they imagine something soft and pressure-relieving, but what about those who want a bit of that foam feel but require additional support ? Well, that’s what the Lull mattress is all about!
The Lull is a firmer-than-average all-foam mattress that is sold for an impressive, value price. I have reviewed the Lull mattress before, and I was interested to see if my feelings would be the same now – to find out if this is the perfect fit, read on for my full Lull mattress review!
Lull is a great fit for those looking to get a slight memory foam feel and for those who sleep on their back or stomach – customers can get $150 off right now by clicking through the link below.
The Lull Might Be A Good Fit For …
Back sleepers . The Lull mattress is just slightly firmer-than-average and offers an excellent balance of comfort and support, so back sleepers should feel their hips sinking in just the right amount while the mattress supports the rest of their body. Stomach sleepers . Being firmer-than-average, the Lull should be a fantastic match for people who sleep primarily on their stomachs. The Lull mattress’s comfort layer is not incredibly thick, and sleepers should feel the support of the base layer when they lie down on their stomachs. Fans of firmer mattresses . If for, whatever reason, someone likes a firm mattress, the Lull should work for them; it is not extremely firm but does offer the support and pushback people look for in a firmer mattress. Those who are looking for a value mattress . No one wants to break the bank when they are shopping for a mattress – anyone who is trying to save money on their mattress purchase should consider the Lull because it currently costs under $1000 for a Queen-size.
The Lull Might Not Be A Good Fit For …
Side sleepers . Anyone who sleeps on their side wants to choose a softer mattress that will relieve pressure on their shoulders and hips. The Lull is firmer-than-average, and its comfort layer is not too thick, so side sleepers could feel some pressure in those particular areas. Fans of softer mattresses . The Lull mattress will probably be too firm for people who prefer a softer mattress. Again, its comfort layer is quite thin, so anyone who wants a softer mattress should find something with a thicker layer of soft comfort material right on top. Heavier people . Those who are on the larger side might need to find a more supportive mattress and, if they sleep on their side, something with a much thicker comfort layer.
Construction Overview.
The Lull mattress is 10” tall . The Lull’s cover is soft, thin, and shouldn’t affect the feel of the mattress too much. The first layer of the Lull is 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam. Below that, there is a 1.5” foam transition layer. The base consists of 7” of durable support foam .
Construction Takeaways.
The foam transition layer is there to help move sleepers from the soft top layer down to the firm support layer – it is firmer than the top layer and also more responsive , so it should keep sleepers from getting stuck in the Lull mattress. At the same time, the gel memory foam layer is also quite responsive and does not move quite as slowly as other types of memory foam. These two top layers combine to give the Lull mattress more of a balanced foam feel that has a bit of that memory foam sinkage but won’t make it difficult for sleepers to reposition at night. Even though it is more responsive, the gel memory foam layer should provide some pressure relief for lighter side sleepers. It will let lighter sleepers sink in a bit, and it should cushion the shoulders and hips, but larger side sleepers might not get the best pressure relief because they could press right through the thinner comfort layer and hit the base layer beneath. The gel infusion found in the memory foam should keep the top of the mattress from feeling extremely hot – memory foam is known for trapping heat, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue on the Lull mattress.
Lull Mattress Vs Casper Mattress.
Anyone who is considering the Lull mattress might want to know how it compares to one of its main competitors, the Casper mattress. While the Lull and Casper are both all-foam mattresses, they do feature some noticeable differences.
First off, the Casper contains four foam layers, while the Lull only contains three, and the Casper boasts a proprietary Zoned Support system that makes the center of the mattress firmer than the head and foot. This means the Casper will feel firmer when people are stomach sleeping and back sleeping and softer when they are side sleeping.
The Casper is going to be a better match for side sleepers because it is softer overall, and it is especially softer under the shoulder area. It is also a more deluxe mattress and, while it does cost more, the Casper could be a better long-term investment than the Lull.
The Lull, on the other hand, should be a fantastic fit for back sleepers and side sleepers who want to save on their mattress purchase. In addition, the Lull mattress is firmer than the Casper and should offer enough support for both back sleeping and stomach sleeping.
Lull is a great fit for those looking to get a slight memory foam feel and for those who sleep on their back or stomach – customers can get $150 off right now by clicking through the link below.
Prices And Dimensions.
The table below shows the prices AFTER the $150 discount and dimensions for all the available sizes of the Lull mattress.
Size Dimensions Price Twin 38″ x 75″ x 10″ $650 Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 10″ $700 Full 54″ x 75″ x 10″ $850 Queen 60″ x 80″ x 10″ $950 King 76″ x 80″ x 10″ $1,149 Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 10″ $1,149.
Lull Firmness And Feel.
In terms of firmness, the Lull is around a 7/10, just a tad firmer-than-average ; the gel memory foam and transition layers are quite soft and easy to press into, but then I hit the firmer base support foam. However, heavier sleepers might think that the Lull is significantly firmer as they sink through the 3″ of comfort material.
In my experience, the Lull is a great fit for back sleeping because it features a nice balance of comfort and support. The support foam holds me up, but the comfort layers let me sink in but not too far, and the gel memory foam is really conforming to the shape and curves of my body.
When I am side sleeping on the Lull, the mattress is just a bit too firm, and I don’t feel particularly comfortable. The transition layer keeps me from completely hitting the support layer, but I need a softer mattress to give me the pressure relief I really need on my shoulders and hips.
When I am stomach sleeping, the Lull is giving me the necessary support so that my hips don’t sink in whatsoever. Again, the Lull is firmer-than-average, and I feel like I am getting even support across my entire body.
Overall, the Lull mattress has a balanced foam feel that is both comfortable and responsive. While the mattress does feature memory foam, it is faster to respond, so people should not be getting stuck in the mattress or have trouble moving around.
Lull Motion Transfer.
When shopping for a mattress, couples want to keep motion transfer in mind because a mattress that cuts down on motion transfer should ensure that both partners sleep through the night.
Memory foam is one of the best materials for dealing with motion transfer, and the Lull has memory foam right on top. To test out how effective this memory foam is, I placed a glass of water in the center of the mattress – when I pressed into the other areas of the mattress, the water was not showing any significant disturbance.
Also, to get a first-hand view of the motion transfer, I lay down on the Lull and asked Marten to get in and out of bed on the other side. He sat on the edge, changed positions, and rolled around a bit, but I did not feel these movements transfer to my side of the Lull mattress.
Considering all of this, the Lull could be a good mattress for couples.
Lull Edge Support.
Couples are also going to want to keep edge support in mind when they are choosing a mattress – if a mattress features strong edge support, it will allow both partners to sleep toward the edge and really get to use every single square inch of the mattress.
Sitting near the edge of the Lull, the top foam layers do collapse, but I don’t feel like I am going to fall forward when I lean over to tie my shoes. Also, when I lie down along the edge of the mattress, the Lull does not collapse or make me feel like I will roll onto the floor.
The Lull mattress’s edge support really is quite impressive .
Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs.
It is always a fantastic idea to consider one’s size and weight when shopping for a mattress. Given that I weight 160 lbs, I wanted to get the perspective of a larger person to see how the Lull worked for them, so I asked Marten, who weighs 250 lbs, to try out the Lull for himself.
In terms of firmness, Joe said the Lull was a 7/10, but I thought it was an 8/10. This is because I am a larger person, and I am pressing further into the mattress and interacting more with the support layers beneath the thin comfort layer.
Back sleeping on the Lull mattress feels really fantastic; my hips sink in the right amount, and the mattress holds up my larger body. At the same time, the top memory foam layer provides some contouring and also presses up into my lumbar area and supports me there.
Side sleeping, I am feeling even more pressure on my shoulders and hips than Joe felt. I am dropping through the comfort layers, and my shoulders and hips are really driving into the support layers beneath.
Finally, when I am stomach sleeping, the mattress is not supportive enough for me, and I feel like I am bowing into the mattress toward the center of my body.
Unboxing The Lull Mattress.
The Lull mattress will come shipped in a box and will arrive at the front door. While it isn’t an extremely heavy mattress, it is still a particularly good idea to ask for a friend’s help transporting it inside and into the bedroom.
Once the mattress is in the bedroom, it’s time to open the box – take out the rolled-up mattress and place it on the foundation or bed frame. Now, carefully cut through the multiple layers of plastic until the mattress can fully expand – make sure not to cut too deep and damage the mattress!
Finally, just clear away all the plastic and packing materials and give the Lull mattress 24 to 48 hours to expand and off-gas.

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